We are OneWorld- our demands.

1- No More Brain Damage. The regulation and prevention of use of psychotronic weapons and microwave/ radio frequency weapons technologies for murder and surveillance. Almost all communication is for the benefit of the Murderers and their plans, or going along with it- accessories to the Murderer Conspiracy to take over the World. Rubbish, Propaganda, Lies, Mind Control, Brain Damage, Psychological Poison, Murder and Genocide, or secret or other messages spoken or written in code to those of the Murderer sects. People start to make sense and only make sense.

2- OneWorld Government. A World Federation Government. An end to Fake Democracy and an end to Capitalism. Law and Rights for all peoples. A global security and surveillance system. A global defence force. Colonisation fleets and Battlefleets- reach for the stars. All power has been corrupted and infiltrated. Anyone who tries to explain is ignored, contradicted, disempowered, ridiculed and regarded as insane or paranoid, or corrupted themselves, or simply murdered. The way of things is wrong and it is almost impossible to change.

3- Equal Wage in the World, now. Resources in the World are distributed unevenly, we intend to ensure these are shared fairly. A Standard Price Index, goods are paid their value. Food, Water, Clothes, Medicine, Houses, Electricity, Sewage Treatment Facilities, Education, Work. More than enough of the best of everything for everyone. Everyone can work at what they want, and everyone is helped to do their best. OneWorld EqualWage.

4- Medicine. Self-prescription. Cure all disease, cure addiction, reverse aging, somatic engineering. We have the right to choose our medicine, new medicine. cDNA biochip karyotyping and sequencing. Immortality Drugs.

5- Population Control. Cap population at 7billion and reduce population by limiting size of family. Once we have sired a maximum of 2 children we no longer have the right to immortality drugs and age naturally and eventually die of old age. If we do not have children then we can live forever. Everybody now can.

6- Energy- new hydrogen fusion reactors. Clean limitless energy. Enough for the World. Room Temperature Superconductors. Hydrogen from fusion reactors and renewable energy to power fuel cells for all vehicles, and all cooking and home heating, and electricity from them for LED lighting systems, and computers and networks.

7- Ecology. Reforestation. Reforest and repair the damage to the ecosystem and the environment. Modify global humidity and precipitation patterns. Make it rain. We become Ecosystem Makers. Design for reuse, repair and recycling, and intercompatibility. Recycle everything. Glass and forest cities.

8- Education, News and Information. Education based on the 20 main logic systems, from String Theory and Linguistics upwards. News that allows us to change the World. An end to patents and restrictions on information. Information that helps us understand and change ourselves, our World and our Universe. Global Democracy and Internet Voting. Elected representatives. Computers and Internet connections for everyone. A Government Intranet connected to the Internet.

9- Family- everyone has a chance to find a partner and to have children. An internet based partner finding agency and social networking site. Administered by the government. Enough money to live with a partner and to bring up children.

10- Religion- all 4 Books read and understood. The Tanakh, The Bible, The Quran and The Book of Mormon. The Best of all 4 Books and the application of the best of every other religion.

OneWorld Revolution

We demand the immediate hand-over of every government and facility in the World. The World Federation will punish all those Murderer Conspirators plotting to take over the World and murder all good people.

All murderers, accessories to murder, attempted murderers will be given the death penalty, as will all accessories to genocide and attempted genocide.

It is possible to be saved, by fighting for the Forces of Good or being murdered attempting to do that. All fully qualified Satan or Devil worshippers, those who fight for the Forces of Evil, will be killed. A fully qualified Satan or Devil worshipper can only be saved by undertaking martyrdom missions.
All those who survive, or who are reincarnated, in Paradise after the Apocalypse, who fought the Forces of Evil, hopefully demonstrably so, will also receive 2 baby credits.

Justin Galey-Jones

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