Murderers have taken over the World- they want to murder everyone starting with the people that are opposed to them. 90% of people in the World are to be murdered. They call themselves Illuminati, Freemasons, Luciferians, Satan and Devil Worshippers or Secret Societies- they are all Evil- Murderer Worshippers, Murderers. Soon they will create an excuse to take over the World openly under martial law, then they will murder the good people and make everyone else the elites slaves, then they will exterminate everyone else, and finally murder everyone who helped them. All black, latino, chinese, asian, indian and arab people will be murdered. All LGBTQ people, and everyone of average intelligence or below will be murdered. And all disabled people will be murdered. Until only the most beautiful women and the most Evil and powerful Murderers remain.

The whole World is destabilised by war, argument, and competition, confused and in disarray, so Murderers can retain control. The media; papers, TV and radio, and internet, only provides a platform for Satan Worshippers and mass hypnosis. Only the dominating, selfish, greedy, insane liars and Murderers have a voice. They ensure that argument and conflict and success due to physical prowess is the only way the World works. None of the conflicting sides can provide a real solution, and power is kept from the people and in the hands of liars and Murderers. Of course they also only recruit other Murderers, vote for Murderers, and bribe corrupt powerful Murderers. The innocent people find it impossible to find out what is happening, or do anything about it. Innocent people don't crave power and wealth, and find it hard to argue with insane liars and Murderers. Where do you begin? They are all very clever, and very slippery, liars and Murderers. Now all Murderers have to do is distract you from the truth and they have won.

Actors, pop stars, politicians, journalists, educators, clergy, police, army, artists, scientists, businessmen are all Satan Worshippers- Antichrists. Only Evil people become successful because you are only offered qualifications and work, and hence power, wealth and influence, and partners, if you are part of the Conspiracy. Good people do not want to be part of the Conspiracy. If you want to work in an intelligence agency, if you want to join the military, if you want to be a politician, or a journalist, or a teacher, you have to be a Murderer. If you want to get a degree, or a doctorate, you have to be a Murderer. The UN, all World Governments, army and police, banks, business, education and media are all infiltrated and taken over. The status quo are all liars and Murderers.

Freedom vs Rule of Law. In a World where the Global Elite are not all Murderers just elected representatives who can be trusted the Freedom to do what you want might seem reasonable- it is a twisting of everything however. The freedom to do what you want means you are free to be a Murderer, Murderer Worshipper and commit genocide. Free to be depraved, lie, cheat, steal, be greedy, selfish, wrong, spiteful, treacherous and murderous. Free to make everyone impoverished, and slaves to money, the government and the military, and kill them. Free not to do the things you should- free not to be a good person. 'Free' people are Murderers, people not bounded by the Rule of Law. Murderers say there is no sin. They have been working for thousands of years to take over the World. We need new Laws that target the Murderer Conspirators. With people from all walks of life contributing, and those who are not Murderers empowered instead. All World Leaders, of whichever faction, need to be replaced with people who are not Murderers.

There is such a thing as Absolute Truth- truth is not just some peoples versions of the truth- there is no such thing: this a lie designed to blend the difference between Good and Evil- which is something only Evil people do. Truth is not relative or from someones point of view. The whole system of things is run by Murderers. Everything is lies, not the truth, brain damage, mind control, Satanic propaganda. They call it secular but what they mean is they want you to have no faith and Satan Worship- Murderer Worship. To be a a fully good person, who is informed, it is necessary to read the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, and Quran, and Book of Mormon if possible. Any good person who has will do their best to ensure they persuade anyone else they believe to be a good person to also read them, and inform others.

EqualWage- the average income in America for every person in the World.

There are 4 Powers in the World, the Money Power, the Sex Power, the State Power, and the Knowledge Power, all are corrupted. There are 4 others only used by the Forces of Evil, the Powers of Fear, Lies, Corruption and Murder.

The Money Power= Capitalism and Fake Democracy- not Socialism and Equal Wage. Capitalism is Evil; a hierarchy of wealth, with the worst people rewarded the most. It causes Evil to evolve in people and in society; people do bad things to get money, and become successful, and society becomes corrupted. Democracy, Ethics and the Ecosystem are destroyed. It stops an Equal Wage system. Capitalism and Fake Democracy lend themselves perfectly to assisting a Murderer takeover of the World, and are an integral part of it. Murderer Capitalism and Murderer Fake Democracy are not acceptable. In some ways the Conspiracy is simply a Conspiracy of Silence, people do not speak out against the things that are wrong in the World, that everybody accepts as normal. Silence is not acceptable.

Immortality Drugs, and Fusion Reactors have existed in secret facilities for many years, but are not being made available- they never will, not before the Murderers openly take over the World. Measures to cap population should have been introduced when it was 6billion- the maximum amount the ecosystem can cope with without suffering irreversible damage.There will never be an Equal Wage.

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not." John 008:044 - 008:045

"Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time." 1 John 002:018

All those who fight the Forces of Evil or die trying will be saved. Those who are fully qualified Satan or Devil worhippers conspiring and waging war against the Universe Police and the Forces of Good of the planet will not be saved.
When you have survived fighting the Forces of Evil, or been reincarnated in Paradise, you will also receive 2 baby credits.


Masshiach Justin Galey-Jones